Click to change the layout button to overlay the images or view them side-by-side.

Click the arrow buttons to reposition images.

Click the camera button to capture an image of the composition.

Click to generate a new image pair and composition.


My name is Mark Sanders and I’m a graphic designer, photographer, author, and wanderer. This project is a serendipity. There are several themes I like to explore through image making and I occasionally shoot sequences. But, I’m curious what other connections can be made through this growing collection photographs.

What you are looking at is the first iteration of an interface that will never be complete. It is designed to facilitate a subjective dialog between a body of work. Photos are not categorized and are removed from any sequence or series they may belong to. Currently pairs of images are randomly selected and sized from my Flickr feed. The composition can be changed, too. If you or I like the interaction of a pair of images, that composition can be saved.

This project is encouragement to shoot, present, and reinvestigate my work.

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