Mark Sanders

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

My name is Mark. I earn a living teaching, writing about, and practicing graphic design. With my wife, I own a house and live in Baltimore. But this is not my home town. Actually, nowhere is.

I have lived a lot of places. My family has, too. None of us returned as adults to the towns where we grew up. Connections to those childhood homes faded into uncanny memories. Placelessness now follows me wherever I live. I make images in response.

Photography is past and present; remembering and observing. It is seeing an actual thing, as well as connecting to lifetimes of seeing lots of things. Image making is valuable to me as both a tool for chronicling direct experience and an invitation for others to recall.

Through iterative observation I preserve memories of landscapes very near and very far. Perpetual placelessness propels my need to discover new terrain, and translates the environments I experience via camera into the glimpse of a visitor. Ghosts of places-past nudge everything seen.

Mark Sanders is a photographer, typographer, designer, teacher, author, baker and basket maker. His latest work explores memory and place through image and interface. Images on this site are available for purchase and exhibit. Contact Mark.